An analysis of friedrich nietzsches book the will to power

Will I be murdered or die a dog's death?

An analysis of friedrich nietzsches book the will to power

Quotes[ edit ] I am utterly amazed, utterly enchanted! I have a precursor, and what a precursor! I hardly knew Spinoza: Even though the divergencies are admittedly tremendous, they are due more to the difference in time, culture, and science. Incidentally, I am not at all as well as I had hoped.

Exceptional weather here too!

An analysis of friedrich nietzsches book the will to power

Eternal change of atmospheric conditions! I must have clear skies for months, else I get nowhere. Already six severe attacks of two or three days each. With affectionate love, Your friend.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

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Notebooks Summer — Fall Variant translation: Against that positivism which stops before phenomena, saying "there are only facts," I should say: Likewise, I now regard my having been a Wagnerian as eccentric. It was a highly dangerous experiment; now that I know it did not ruin me, I also know what significance it had for me — it was the most severe test of my character.

Letter to Carl Fuchs 14 December I now myself live, in every detail, striving for wisdom, while I formerly merely worshipped and idolized the wise. My problems are new, my psychological horizon frighteningly comprehensive, my language bold and clear; there may well be no books written in German which are richer in ideas and more independent than mine.

The separation between us is thereby decided in really the most absurd way. Have you grasped nothing of the reason why I am in the world? After I read the name Zarathustra in the anti-Semitic Correspondence my forbearance came to an end.

I am now in a position of emergency defense against your spouse's Party. These accursed anti-Semite deformities shall not sully my ideal!! Your association with an anti-Semitic chief expresses a foreignness to my whole way of life which fills me again and again with ire or melancholy.

I have recently been persecuted with letters and Anti-Semitic Correspondence Sheets. My disgust with this party which would like the benefit of my name only too well!Existentialism is the name given to a philosophical worldview that came into prominence and consciousness in the late forties and early fifties.

An analysis of friedrich nietzsches book the will to power

I have always enjoyed reading Nietzsche. He is a breath of fresh air to read compared to some of the painfully tedious analytic philosophy.

One of the things that I find interesting about Nietzsche is how seriously he takes the historical and . "Will to power" (Wille zur Macht) is the name of a concept created by Nietzsche; the title of a projected book which he finally decided not to write; and the title of a book compiled from his notebooks and published posthumously and under suspicious circumstances by his sister and Peter work consists of four separate books, entitled "European Nihilism", "Critique of the Highest Values.

I bought this book for the wrong reasons.

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Partly, I thought it might be an "introduction" to Nietzsche: it is not. Second, I never took a class with the author of the book, despite his formidable reputation, while I was at UMass, and this is not a good reason to read his book. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (/ ˈ n iː tʃ ə, -tʃ i /; German: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈniːtʃə] () or [- ˈniːtsʃə]; 15 October – 25 August ) was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, philologist, and a Latin and Greek scholar whose work has exerted a profound influence on Western philosophy and modern intellectual history.

Friedrich Nietzsche (—) Nietzsche was a German philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic. His writings on truth, morality, language, aesthetics, cultural theory, history, nihilism, power, consciousness, and the meaning of existence have exerted an enormous influence on Western philosophy and intellectual history.

Nietzsche spoke of "the death of God," and foresaw the dissolution of.

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