An introduction to the life of a nurse practitioner

Dr Rafeena is one of the most experienced female Ayurvedic Doctors in Australia who is a graduate on Ayurvedic medicine and has a post graduate diploma in Yoga. She hails from Kerala, India where she has studied and practiced Ayurveda altogether for about 14 years.

An introduction to the life of a nurse practitioner

An introduction to the life of a nurse practitioner

When you were evaluating schools for your MSN degree, what factors did you value as most important? When I was evaluating schools for my MSN degree there were three main factors that I was looking for: An accelerated, graduate-entry degree program A large university setting A respected nursing program with a reputation of excellence First, the school had to offer an accelerated program.

The second factor was the size of the school. I was a nontraditional student during undergrad, which meant that I was a little bit older than most other students and, since I had a career, I also took a lot of night classes.

I always felt as though I missed out on the undergraduate experience. So, when I started comparing nursing programs, it was extremely important that the school had a large student body, and was dedicated to student involvement and leadership. Finally, I wanted a school with a reputation for excellence, tradition, and success.

I wanted to be sure that graduates from the program passed the certification exams a a high-rate. You know, deciding to become an NP is a big, life-changing commitment to the future.

It takes a lot of money, intellectually challenging work, sometimes grueling clinical schedules, and personal sacrifice. I fully believe that my future is shaped by my present choices, so I wanted to be educated in an inspiring environment, with vast resources and renowned success.

What courses did you have to take to obtain your MSN, and how did they prepare you for your career as a nurse practitioner? The curriculum, all the courses that make up the educational plan for NP programs, is designed to meet standards set by professional organizations that create and maintain the licensing, accreditation, certification and education L.

E processes for advanced practice nurses. So, if the school is accredited, every class you take prepares you to think critically, provide direct individual and population-based care, and fulfill administrative role functions.

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I took classes in research, policy and finance, ethics, professional development, nursing theory, diversity, and health promotion. Of course there were also plenty of classes focused on advanced assessment, objective measurement and therapeutic treatment planning, including pharmacology.

More importantly though, incoming students have to be aware that the requirements for obtaining license as a nurse practitioner canand do, change. Right now, this a hot topic.

By the yearprofessional boards will require the Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP as the entry-level degree for nurse practitioners. The Masters degrees will be awarded to nurses who practice in non-patient care related roles.

Already have your RN? Make your next move with a post-licensure degree.

What type of nursing did you decide to focus on, and why? I will see patients as young as and as old as old can be It helps that I have a close relationship with an adult-gerontology NP! I found the perfect niche in the slower pace of a community clinic.

I enjoy the extra time I have to get to know my patients, teach them, and work with them to develop a care plan that fits into their lifestyle.- Introduction – identifying the role and job description setting of the PMHNP The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), role and job description is providing primary mental health care services, to those with mental health problems, or psychiatric disorders.

An introduction to the life of a nurse practitioner

nurse practitioner (NP) specializing in sexual medicine and erectile dysfunction available within the practice. Referrals to the NP have been less than optimal and may be due to a need for information. Nurse Practitioner Careers In-Depth.

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The rules governing nurse practitioners vary from state to state, but typically include such tasks as performing physical assessments, diagnosing illnesses, ordering and analyzing diagnostic tests and procedures, and managing patient treatment.

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program at the University of Nevada, Reno is designed to prepare registered nurses for advanced practice, educator and leadership positions in health care.

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