Australias role in international affairs in

Statement from the Press Secretary In Junethe Russian military launched the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history.

Australias role in international affairs in

Australia Would the concept of waste become obsolete if our garbage had value? Imagine if you could get paid for the things you put in your rubbish, and countries competed to import waste. Waste is an environmental issue as well as a resource issue, and as Australia approaches and a population of 40 million, resources will be more valuable than ever.

Will we look back on single-use products as 21st century madness? That depends on the policy decisions we put in place today, and whether we can transition to a circular economy. The idea of countries importing and even competing for waste seems like a huge paradigm shift, but in some places it is already the norm.

It has been a decade since Sweden all but banned rubbish going to landfill.

Australias role in international affairs in

Now the Swedes claim to reuse or recycle as much as 98 per cent of their waste. Half of that is turned back into materials such as plastics and aluminium for reuse, and the rest is used to feed sophisticated incineration systems that have been developed to provide electricity and heating to Swedish households.

A robotic claw scoops up garbage in an incinerator. That is enough to power about Australian homes for an hour, according to the Clean Energy Authority. While the average Australian sends more than one tonne of waste to landfill each year, the average Swedish household sends around three kilograms.

Australias role in international affairs in

InSweden imported 2. In short, it has created a system that is reliant on waste as a fuel source. We may even be mining landfill for fuel to feed our own incinerators.

Instead, creating a dependence on rubbish as a fuel source can in its worst form create a perverse incentive to produce more waste. Recycling station on every street, 3D printer in every home Photo: Veena Sahajwalla says being able to create your own materials is "the ultimate empowerment".

UNSW SMaRT Centre What if trucks no longer came to your house to collect your bins, but you had to take your waste to a reprocessing facility at the end of your street? And instead of dumping your waste and forgetting it, you reprocessed it on the spot and were paid for the raw material or took it home to feed into your 3D printer?

Alkira Reinfrank They have created micro-recycling factories capable of producing 3D-printer feedstock from plastics, and metal alloys from electronic waste.

Geothermal Power and Heat

The factories are small enough to be mobile, and are modular, meaning they can be tailored to reprocess specific types of waste. Being able to generate 3D-printer feedstock is significant. Although the technology is in its infancy, clothing, tools, cutlery, crockery, computer and car parts, prosthetic limbs, drones, telescopes, and even weapons have been produced using 3D printers.

The capacity to make the products we need in our own homes from readily available resources offers almost total autonomy from external manufacturing.White House: "Iraq Has Anthrax Virus" "Russia Launched NotPetya" Late last night the White House accused the Russian military of having launched the destructive "NotPetya" malware which in June hit many global companies.

Statement from the Press Secretary. In June , the Russian military launched the most destructive and costly .

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Book-to-market ratio, default risk and return. As part of her investigation, Falk said she is liaising with international counterparts, including in the United States and the Philippines.

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"In terms of where it's at, we're compiling the. Both former foreign affairs minister Bob Carr and former prime minister Kevin Rudd attacked Abbott’s enthusiasm for the Anglosphere. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is far less likely to invoke. Australia will have to get creative if it's going to deal with the waste of 40 million people, but it could start by following the lead of Sweden, which has created a .

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