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Developmental Coursework Developmental Coursework Developmental classes are designed to develop and strengthen students' academic skills.

Coursework study skills

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The required courses provide a framework through which students learn to broaden and enrich their management skills, expand their knowledge of modern business techniques and to further their understanding of the social, political and economic forces that shape the business environment.

USF EMBA students develop excellent technical skills, managerial expertise, fiscal proficiency, and an understanding of world markets. Accounting Concepts for Managers Introduction to the regulatory environment in which accounting exists, the accounting process, basic financial statements and the role of accounting information in the decisions of internal and external users.

This course explores how capital market participants use the statements to make decisions and provides an introduction on how accounting information is generated and used by managers for planning, controlling and evaluating business performance.

Decision models and approaches are utilized in both certain and uncertain situations. A logical framework for asset management is developed and applied to problems and cases. Daniel Bradley Organizational Behavior and Leadership Examines the basic factors involved in managing organizations in a business environment.

Both individual and group behavior are analyzed. Individual behavior is discussed from the perspectives of learning, perception, attitudes, personality, stress, and motivation. Social behavior and organizational processes include group formation, structure and processes, leadership, communication styles and structures, decision making, power, politics and conflict.

This course represents a foundation for the ongoing sequence of management courses in this program. Jerry Koehler Introduction to Economic Concepts for Managers Introduction to economic foundations of business decision making for firms operating in domestic and foreign markets.

Fundamental tools of analysis from managerial economics are developed and applied to various aspects of business decision making. Chris Thomas Management Information Systems The impact of business data and information systems on decision making, analysis and management of information resources, and the utilization of computer-aided management tools are presented.

The terminology and concepts used in information technology and alternative methodologies for developing information systems are also discussed.

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Harvey Hyman Managerial Decision Analysis Introduction to data analytical methods including data visualization and data modeling. Starting from basic principles, the course will introduce students to tools and techniques for building regression models from data.

Emphasis will be placed on real world applications and implementing these applications using state of the art statistical software. Wolfgang Jank Data Analytics Advanced methods in data analytics. A second course in the series, it will place emphasis on advanced data mining concepts and techniques, focusing on student-led projects and discussions, and introducing students to advanced data mining software solutions.

Wolfgang Jank Marketing Management This course explores the application of marketing functions to business management. Market driven approaches are examined as they apply to industrial products and services in profit and not-for profit sectors.

Timothy Heath Operations Management and Quality Enhancement Principles and concepts of operations management, including the foundations of quality, are presented. The study of applications concerning strategic operations planning with the goal of quality enhancement and continuous improvement, in both the service and manufacturing environments, are also discussed.

Kellas Cameron Social, Legal, and Ethical Systems This course provides an analysis of the important legal and social principles affecting the business environment and decision making. The influence of social, cultural, political, and legal environment of institutional behavior, including the changing nature of the business system is explored.

The public policy process, corporate power, legitimacy and managerial autonomy, and organizational reactions to environmental forces are topics covered in this class.Your new home It’s easy to find your place at Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe students are a diverse, unconventional, and fascinating bunch, and their interests and activities are just as varied.

Coursework. Honors and Non-Honors Tracks. The Comparative among them linguistic skills, fieldwork preparation, and archival practice. towards concentration credit when the texts they are reading are either from a religious tradition or relevant to the study of a religious tradition, beginning with the second term of instruction in a.

Coursework covering issues of abuse, violence, and trauma provide students with the skills to work with individuals, families, and communities dealing with the effects of trauma.

Courses provide both theoretical and practical information about intervention, emphasizing the most current research in prevention and intervention, including research. General Studies Skills: M3 Selling BGS Skills to Employers (Coursework Sample) Instructions: Please answer all questions in hand out.

I am a general studies student and majored in Business and Sociology and minor in writing. Assignment Instructions. M3 - Selling BGS skills to Employers.

Coursework study skills

Enhance your skills and knowledge of exercise science by completing the Master of Exercise Science (thesis and coursework). Enhance your skills and knowledge of exercise science by completing the Master of Exercise Science (thesis and coursework).

This degree is designed for professionals interested in further study who are seeking to. Traditionally, students entering the Counseling Psychology Program with a master's degree in counseling or a related field may complete the program within four years of full-time study.

For students entering the Program without a master's degree, a five-year degree plan is available.

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