Cross-culture dissertation

Gestalt psychologist Fritz Heider is often described as the earlyth-century "father of attribution theory". This concept has overlap with the Locus of control, in which individuals feel they are personally responsible for everything that happens to them. In his theory, he believed that people observe, analyze, and explain behaviors with explanations.

Cross-culture dissertation

Cross-Cultural Communication The Importance of Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Today Currently, globalization of business, international expansion of market and rising competitiveness has increased the interdependence of business.

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With the expansion of business into multiple countries, sensitivity towards the cultural differences has also Cross-culture dissertation in the corporate environment.

Global interdependence of economy has forced the business owners to provide ample opportunities of cross cultural communication to their managers. Moreover the international expansion strategies partnership arrangements like mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances has augmented the importance of effective cross cultural communication in the business world.

In highly competitive market and international scope of business, communication is considered to be the vital function in the success of business.

Cross-culture dissertation

Organizational profitability is evaluated by its communication strategies. Cultural barriers have played significant role in hindering the success process of communication in international businesses.

Communication process between culturally different people has unleashed the issues of language, values, ways of thinking and religion. The objective of this essay is to explain the reasons behind the importance of cross cultural communication which is followed by the explanation of problems and issues hampering the effective communication system.

It would also provide the strategic approaches employed by companies to resolve the issues. In the end, organization successfully handling the cultural problems will be compared with the organization failed to cope with the problems of cross-cultural communication.

Various sources have consulted to explain the reasons that why cross cultural communication has become highly important in business today.

Literature explained that high pace of globalization has made the cross cultural communication inevitable for businesses. Homogenization of markets has faded the distinctions of national markets. Along with the business development cultural differences between nations, regions and ethnic groups have become stronger.

Advertising messages also hold the values, norms and cultural characteristics of different regions. Cultural values also affect the process of business negotiations and decision making process. In partnership agreements and business transactions business representatives from different countries different cultures has increased the importance of effective cross cultural communication in businesses Peleckis, Moreover, in multinational organizations culturally different workforce has increased the importance of effective communication for successful business operations.

Management training programs are organized globally to deal with the issues of workforce diversity. These cross cultural differences have changed the organizational culture. Business students and businesses should be aware of the numerous issues regarding the importance of cross-cultural communication in business productivity and goal achievement.

Three of the issues or problems are workforce diversity, cultural impact on advertising and business negotiations. Different management styles of culturally different managers and employees are one of the major issues hindering the productivity and business goals of businesses.

It enhances the likelihood of miscommunication, misrepresentation and misunderstanding between the managers and employees.

This miscommunication because of different national cultures and ethnic backgrounds affect the operations and productivity of the businesses. Another issue rose by culture difference is marketing and advertising of business products and services.

Culture differences affect the effectiveness of advertising messages in business environment. Different languages, different buying habits, and consumption styles of consumers from different cultures influence the marketing decisions and business decision of organizations.

Cultural differences at organizational level affect the business negotiations, partnership agreements and strategic alliances in the global economy. In process of business negotiations, different cultures, different regions and different ethnic backgrounds largely influence the business transactions and partnership agreements.

Mishandling of cultural issue and cultural insensitivity would lead to deadlock in negotiation process. Businesses can apply a range of strategies or approaches to overcome cross-cultural communication problems.

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Three strategies required by the organizations to handle these cultural problems in business environment are training sessions, cross cultural programs and enculturation strategies to equip management with the proper understanding of cultural differences. In order to resolve the problem of workforce diversity and develop mutually beneficial relationship between the employees, organizations and management organize training sessions.

These training sessions would help in enhancing the managerial proficiency and operational effectiveness of organizations.

Training would help in enhancing the cultural sensitivity of managers which ensure the effective intercultural communication Okoro, Intercultural programs organized by the management would help to overcome the cultural differences of workforce.

Successful implementation of these strategies would help to develop strong competitive advantage Okoro, Cross-Cultural Communication Understanding of cultural differences and incorporating these cultural aspects in the advertising messages would help in smoothing the process of business communication between customer and the company.

Representation of cultural values and cultural norms in the marketing messages would boost the products sales of the dissertation help nyc Cross Culture Dissertation ethic buying term papers homework help lined paper. To provide the country a steady stream of competent young men and women with necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to occupy positions of management and administration in business, industry, public system and the government.

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