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Ivy league essay help

Tuite, an English Ph. In this article, on how the Ivy League Look influenced Seven Sisters style, she shares some of her findings. However, the real trends in Vassar style were not being set by a Hollywood costumer.

During the s, Vassar students became fashion leaders of everyday campus style for women. Just as Princeton became recognized as the leading school for setting menswear trends, so Vassar quickly became known as the most fashionable college for women, popularizing a look for girls that was the equivalent of the Ivy League Look for boys.

ivy league essay help

Suddenly it was more acceptable for girls to wear stovepipe pants although skirts remained required for dinneroxford shirts, denim in moderationplaids, tartans and Bermuda shorts, which echoed the new male influence on campus.

Many female students saw the Ivy League Look as a means of outwardly affirming their right to be in this exclusive, selective and respected academic world. I was dressing to show intellect and to be part of the elite. The influence of Ivy-educated fathers, brothers and boyfriends played a leading role in this transition to full-fledged Ivy style.

For years, college girls had watched boys visit Brooks Brothers, J. Press and Fenn-Feinstein for their collegiate wardrobe, and now girls rushed to these same stores to purchase their own college collections.

I ran to Brooks Brothers to buy everything; the store had an attitude that made you feel you were part of this select group who were smart, privileged and had great futures.

The s really was the golden age of iconic Vassar style, and probably the last time you could spot a Vassar girl by her Bermudas. Tuite is a writer and fashion historian based in London.

Currently a student at University of the Arts, London, her research includes the construction of Vassar Girl style as a key archetype of American fashion and womanhood in s American media.

She completed her undergraduate studies at both the University of Exeter and Vassar College. Bermudas and bit loafers at Vassar College, Vassar student, Mademoiselle magazine, Vassar students captured in VogueStudybay is an academic writing service for students: essays, term papers, dissertations and much more!

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