No permission to write apn settings neither user guide

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No permission to write apn settings neither user guide

What is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams? Amazon Kinesis Data Streams enables you to build custom applications that process or analyze streaming data for specialized needs. You can continuously add various types of data such as clickstreams, application logs, and social media to an Amazon Kinesis data stream from hundreds of thousands of sources.

Within seconds, the data will be available for your Amazon Kinesis Applications to read and process from the stream. What does Amazon Kinesis Data Streams manage on my behalf?

Key concepts

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams manages the infrastructure, storage, networking, and configuration needed to stream your data at the level of your data throughput. You do not have to worry about provisioning, deployment, ongoing-maintenance of hardware, software, or other services for your data streams.

In addition, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams synchronously replicates data across three availability zones, providing high availability and data durability.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is useful for rapidly moving data off data producers and then continuously processing the data, be it to transform the data before emitting to a data store, run real-time metrics and analytics, or derive more complex data streams for further processing. The following are typical scenarios for using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams: Accelerated log and data feed intake: Instead of waiting to batch up the data, you can have your data producers push data to an Amazon Kinesis data stream as soon as the data is produced, preventing data loss in case of data producer failures.

For example, system and application logs can be continuously added to a data stream and be available for processing within seconds. Real-time metrics and reporting: You can extract metrics and generate reports from Amazon Kinesis data stream data in real-time.

For example, your Amazon Kinesis Application can work on metrics and reporting for system and application logs as the data is streaming in, rather than wait to receive data batches. With Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, you can run real-time streaming data analytics.

For example, you can add clickstreams to your Amazon Kinesis data stream and have your Amazon Kinesis Application run analytics in real-time, enabling you to gain insights out of your data at a scale of minutes instead of hours or days. In this scenario, one or more Amazon Kinesis Applications can add data to another Amazon Kinesis data stream for further processing, enabling successive stages of stream processing.

Configuring your data producers to continuously add data to your data stream. What are the limits of Amazon Kinesis Data Streams? The throughput of an Amazon Kinesis data stream is designed to scale without limits via increasing the number of shards within a data stream.

However, there are certain limits you should keep in mind while using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams: By default, Records of a stream are accessible for up to 24 hours from the time they are added to the stream.

You can raise this limit to up to 7 days by enabling extended data retention. The maximum size of a data blob the data payload before Baseencoding within one record is 1 megabyte MB. Each shard can support up to PUT records per second.

no permission to write apn settings neither user guide

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams enables real-time processing of streaming big data. The Amazon Kinesis Client Library KCL delivers all records for a given partition key to the same record processor, making it easier to build multiple applications reading from the same Amazon Kinesis data stream for example, to perform counting, aggregation, and filtering.

Amazon Simple Queue Service Amazon SQS offers a reliable, highly scalable hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between computers. We recommend Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for use cases with requirements that are similar to the following: Routing related records to the same record processor as in streaming MapReduce.

For example, counting and aggregation are simpler when all records for a given key are routed to the same record processor. Ability for multiple applications to consume the same stream concurrently.SmartConnect User Guide 11 Chapter 1: Installing SmartConnect This chapter describes how to install SmartConnect.

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