Property value and commodity exchange in he athenian society

Those five are the duties of universal obligation.

Property value and commodity exchange in he athenian society

From my point of view the reason for the malfunction of the LTV is a design error of that theory: The labor value is seen as something purely objective on the production side of commodity society.

Property value and commodity exchange in he athenian society

But in reality the labor value is a social relation, a relation between exchange partners. A commodity and the value equivalent are reference points in such a relation.

Why I explain it so? But there is no surplus value on the production side. The surplus value cannt be produced by the workers and the capitalist also will not provide the surplus value.

Only the customer has to pay the surplus value! The value formula on the production side of a commodity society The value formula shows, between whom, where and how the value is formed as a social relationship: A capitalist offers a initially potential commodity on the market simplified representation without the trade.

In addition, the capitalist expects surplus value "s". But on the production side only an expected surplus value can be established.

With the workforce no labor value can be produced. The workers can only do their work so excellent that later a social relationship from type labor value will be established related to the production result. By Marx it is formulated with "Only the socially useful work is value-creating".

Also not directly the values for "c" and "v" are parts of the labor value. The capitalist rather wonna get the cost factors for c and v be replaced by the customer. So the capitalist cannot "produce" a real value — he con only calculate an expectation value.

This expectation value is not the real value expressed by the value formula. However, the offer is necessary for building a labor value relationship. The value formula on the market side On the market, a customer wants to buy the commodity. Thus only on the market the real value will be established as a social relationship between the exchange partners.The history of money concerns the development of social systems that provide at least one of the functions of systems can be understood as means of trading wealth indirectly; not directly as with barter.

Money is a mechanism that facilitates this process.. Money may take a physical form as in coins and notes, or may exist as a written or electronic account.

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