Todays children not ready to face challenges of the 21st century

Since nurses represent the majority of the workforce, they are often targeted by hospitals as a way to cut down their healthcare costs.

Todays children not ready to face challenges of the 21st century

Special to The Globe and Mail Published July 17, Comments Canada has big things to think about, discuss and do on two major fronts. As a country, we must get back to living within our means. Since we have accumulated massive current-account deficits financed by borrowing abroad in order to consume more than we earn, not to build the country.

Going forward, Canada has a huge set of advantages and vulnerabilities stemming from its unique varied assets that are in short supply globally. Story continues below advertisement Two important factors have contributed to Canada's shortfall over the last decade: A failure to understand our mutual-accommodation strength and how we can use it, and the overall absence of needed business and political leadership on key economic policy challenges.

The coming decades will bring new choices that will determine Canada's role in a changing world of great peril and opportunity. In this world, working within limits may become as critical as pushing possibilities. Canada's mutual-accommodation story is overwhelmingly one of creatively overcoming limits — in how we go about governing ourselves and living together.

The national focus since Confederation has been on consolidating the transcontinental nation formed by Sir John A. Macdonald, achieving independence from Great Britain and avoiding domination by the United States.

The focus for the rest of this century will be more on what we want and need to do on our own behalf in a rapidly changing world. Will we have the resilient flexibility needed for this more externally focused task?

What if the 21st century is primarily about resources, creativity, innovation, governing diversity and achieving minimum levels of collective action?

Todays children not ready to face challenges of the 21st century

What if the population explosion, resource limits and climate change make management of the planet increasingly difficult? What if the demands of an inclusive global order prove too much for many important countries to handle?

How might Canada then fit in? The current inclusive global order, ranged around the West, is becoming less global and less inclusive. It must decide what kind of global, separate and differently-connected orders are needed going forward.

Canada should now be moving from a backwater to a global role. England in the early 16th century had a freedom, rule-of-law and constitutional-democracy gospel to spread.

Canada today has a mutual-accommodation gospel to share. A stronger capacity for mutual accommodation is the only lasting way to achieve sustainable purpose in a crowded and stressed world.

This gospel does not require occupation or military victory; it works only if voluntary. Force may be needed to keep the door open, but a lasting mutual accommodation has to be, in some realistic sense, better than the alternative. Leadership in the long term Canada needs a new generation of political and business leaders who can look beyond short-term votes and profits.

Business was at the centre of shaping Canada's economic policy from — a year span of fiscal progress. Its absence since then has already begun to damage Canada's short-term future.PREPARING FOR THE 21st CENTURY.

CHALLENGES FACING A CHANGING SOCIETY. New knowledge about human behavior and social changecan help to shape public policies that will improve human well-being.. Introduction. Our era is often said to be a time of rapid technological change, but the social changes occurring in this country and elsewhere are equally dramatic.

As parents, we support 21st century learning at school while we help to inspire and expand our children’s horizons at home. By doing this, we help our children become: Informed about and ready to respond to local, national and global issues;.

Preparing for the 21st Century: Challenges Facing A Changing Society

These challenges raise thorny questions about whether the design of today's schools is compatible with the goals of the 21st century skills movement.

For change to move beyond administrators' offices and penetrate classrooms, we must understand that professional development is a massive undertaking. As a pencil or pen were "the tools" of the 20th-century, making it impossible to picture a teacher not capable to operate with it, today's teacher must be able to .

Top Eight Challenges Teachers Face This School Year. In no particular order, here are the top eight challenges teachers face: 1. All those kids!! nearly one in five children and adolescents are obese—nearly triple the rate of a generation ago—putting them in great risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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