Wal marts supply chain

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Wal marts supply chain

Armando, former deli manager and previously at Mama Joy'sappointed assistant store manager. Space heaters were installed in two of the six checkout counters, and a veteran cashier Ritha was promoted to Wal marts supply chain manager.

A customer writes Wal marts supply chain, " The scaffolding in front of the store which has been up since long before the transfer of ownership was taken down, which means renovation of the storefront will begin soon.

A plywood shelter is being constructed over the north bank of windows where the new cash registers are being installed which should provide some shelter when the window glass comes out.

Construction workers pop out the south bank of windows, where the cashiers are. No shelter was erected in front of these windows, like the plywood protecting the north bank.

It is 12 degrees with winds gusting to 25 mph. The cashiers were not told in advance this would happen, so they did not know to bring even more clothes than usual.

Wal marts supply chain

Plus the "air lock" on the exit door is stuck open, to ensure an extra blast of cold air as customers exit. The old registers were removed and the cashiers moved to new registers at the north end. The new registers have small space heaters but not all of them were working.

The space heaters -- at the registers that have them, and when they work -- are good for the feet and legs but little help for the upper body and especially the hands, which must must be uncovered for making change. Apparently management is now making an effort to route more power to the counters for the space heaters, but this is taking some time.

Remodeling with the store open for business is far preferable to closing the store and furloughing the workers but shouldn't temporary heating have been part of the plan from the beginning? More windows being replaced; cold wind blowing through the deli area, still no heat.

Most of the cashiers now have working space heaters, but the new temporary?

Managing Risk in Our Supply Chain

Meanwhile, most of the old shelving and cabinetry is being replaced and rearranged throughout the store this has been an ongoing process but moved into high gear in recent days.

The produce section has been moved to the front windows where the cashiers were and almost everything else has moved too, except the deli counter and the aisle closest to it. All the cashiers have at least one working space heater, some have two.

But the rest of the store is still cold. Reorganization of the interior space continues and new floor tiling is being installed. The Local union contract starts today. CLICK HERE to view a comparison table of the Local contract with other union contracts covering similar work forces such as cashiers and cafeteria workers across the street at Columbia.

The store claims it is trying to improve the shopping experience for Morningside residents, but many residents are increasingly vocal in their opposition to Morton Williams' treatment of its employees.

Additional temporary heaters have been installed around the store. A new sign at the checkout counters invites cashiers to enjoy free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup. Of course, employees had always been entitled to free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup; before the change of ownership, they were also entitled to free meals.

Now they must pay. What disturbs me about the tone of this discussion is how so many people seem to feel that the UFM workers are trying to put one over on "us" in their desire to earn a living wage, as if they don't deserve to have enough money to pay their rent or feed their children, no matter how hard or how long they have worked.

But we're going in circles. Morton Williams says it has done nothing wrong; they bought a store and offered jobs to most of its employees at the going rates. The employees have done nothing wrong either; they worked for years and years at UFM until their wages became higher than the current sub-poverty "industry standard" set by Wal-Martto the extent that Morton Williams feels it can call their former salaries "unreasonable" and "outrageous".

UFM was one of the very few long-lived and stable businesses in the neighborhood -- 46 years at the same location. It must have been doing something right!

Wal-Mart Reins Back Inventory in a Revamped Supply Chain - WSJ

Part of that something was making lifetime careers for good hard-working people, whom we came to know and love. To see them fired or their wages slashed after all these years was almost as much a slap in the face to us as it was to them.

No wonder you don't find the same crowds of customers in the store as there were before. At UFM, we are seeing the new economy up close and it's not pretty. Indeed, Morton Williams does not deserve to be singled out in the new world of Duane Reades, Wal-Marts, and all the rest.Supply chain experts say this is a necessary move as Wal-Mart increasingly embraces e-commerce and what the retail industry calls an “omnichannel” strategy, in which companies make the.

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The frequency with which class action employee lawsuits are filed against Walmart gives rise to questions about whether Walmart employees are exceedingly disengaged and litigious, or whether Walmart's overarching relationship with its employees is exceedingly contentious.

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